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With 17 years, I began my journey as a trader. Within a few months I had grown my virtual portfolio by over 72%. I realized that I should turn the hobby into a professional endeavor. Following major losses and thousands of hours of studying and mentoring, I finally had the breakthrough that allowed me to be consistently profitable. In June 2015 I started a challenge to show just how good I am, and after a month I was up over 220%. Today I am an active trader and successfully coach a number of private students, and speak at various events such as the Digital Stock Summit.


Since young years I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. One summer I started a non-profit, another summer I decided to make money teaching guitar online, and yet another summer I dissected the web and countless books for every shred of information on business, marketing, and sales. In 2014 I started my first real venture, which was a social media application that won Start-up Weekend, and ranked 38th globally in the Start-Up Battle. In 2015 I founded Hartmann Capital, which serves as a consulting firm to various Major Brands such as Next Gen, Sup-X, and Pinch.


I had a passion for writing since elementary school. With multiple open-ended projects left for dead on the road, I finally finished my first novel, Dark Age in 2013 (to be published 05/07/16). As an incomplete draft it had already won a number of titles, including Bookrix book of the year. Aside from sequels, I am looking at other fiction and non-fiction concepts. Currently I have been accepted into Florida Atlantic University’s selective Scriptwriting program, after which I will write my first TV-Show Pilot in Summer 2016.


When I moved to the United States I fell in love with politics and the law. Ranking among the top Congressional Debaters in the country, I had left my mark among young aspiring politicians. Currently pursuing my degree in political science, I have studied under scholars such as Robert Rabil and Jeffrey Morton, as well as completed the most prestigious programs at my University, ranging from Diplomacy to Campaigning. Through my undergraduate research, my foreign policy focus lies on understanding and combating Radicalism of all forms, with graduate level proficiency in Jihadism and Transnational Islamism.

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Giving 100% All-Around
Dreams. Decisions. Destiny.

Born in 1995, I grew up in a small town in South-West Germany … let’s skip the prologue. At the age of 13, I had been lucky enough to immigrate to the United States, which changed my life forever and inspired me to be the best version of myself. Despite being an immigrant, I became one of the Nation’s best debaters and finished writing my first English novel.

After a life-changing gap semester, I attended a local university to focus on my extracurricular goals, knowing that the classroom would not determine any real success. Within a year I was elected Fraternity President, taught myself stock trading in the library, and entered the Startup World. While in college, I wear many hats ranging from CEO, author, trader, coach, consultant, to president.

I am a fond believer in having a limitless mindset, as we can shape and better this world one person at a time, as long as we have a strong psychology. This website is as much about me, as it is to inspire you, share ideas, and network, to bring our lives to the next level.

  • Career

    Entrepreneur, Trader, Writer and Politician.

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    Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity President.

  • Physical

    A strong mind needs a healthy & strong body

  • Spiritual

    Firm practitioner of self-development and lifestyle design.


"In 2154 the world as we know it has fallen into oblivion. Mankind lives decimated and scattered in the remnants of the old world. But only few know what really happened. Growing up in a secluded city ruled by a dogmatic tyrant, Adam watches hunger starve the poor, sickness claim the young, and war kill his three older brothers. Turning seventeen, he has one year left before being forced to join the Grey Guard and follow his brothers into the unknown. Wanting to put an end to the broken system and mindless war, to seek a life of harmony with the one he loves, he decides to do whatever it takes to bring the tyrant to his knees."

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