6 Life Lessons I Learned from Running

I recently started running in the beginning of May. I was never that athletic, but as a life-hacker I enjoy every challenge and firmly believe I can get really good at anything I set my mind to. So for the past three weeks I ran the same path, 2.5 miles, at least four times a week. The first time it took me 24:30 minutes… last night it took me only 18:59 minutes (and there is still a lot of room for improvement). Bottom line: That’s a 22.5% improvement in 22 days.

1. Get Started Today

The only way you see results in your business, trading, or even running is to get started. There are three kinds of people in the world. Those dull and lackluster with no dreams or aspirations who suffer from complacency… God bless their souls. Then there are the dreamers. Those that do set goals, have visions, and want more out of life, yet lack the drive to follow through. These are the kind of people that make up most of the buying volume for weight loss programs and often fall for get-rich-quick schemes. They want results, and because they lack the follow through, they often search for short cuts, which usually doesn’t work. Then there are the Go-Getters. They also have dreams and visions, but more importantly they got purpose behind those dreams that makes them follow through and succeed. The key, in the words of Tony Robbins is: “Massive Action”.

2. Consistency is King

When I first started running, I would always sprint, get tired, walk, run, walk, try another sprint and so forth. At the end of the 24 minutes I was exhausted. Yesterday I ran at a consistent pace without stopping and finished not only roughly 6 minutes quicker, but felt better throughout. The same applies to your trading. The people that only chase big winners that can retire them tomorrow, end up losing in the long run, while those that consistently strive to make decent profits and only take small losses make it big over the long haul.

3. Power of Thoughts

How do you make sure your game is always top? You set high stakes. That is something Tim Ferriss stresses, and something that I firmly subscribe to. I set a number of goals every month, and put a harsh pain lever in place that I want to prevent more than anything (something I have control over). Say I put myself on social probation for the following month if I don’t meet my previous month’s goals. That reminds me to A. not let my social life get in the way of my goals (which is an easy trap as a fraternity president), and B. gives me a good to run a tad faster and stick to the plan. Maybe for you it’s going gluten-free for a month, or some other thing created in hell. The point is, the thought alone should create discomfort, making you want to prevent it. To make this work, tell a friend or accountability partner that you set those stakes, and they will enjoy reminding you to not eat those gluten when you fail.

4. Practice to Re-invent

“Practice makes perfect”. We get it. It’s been shoved down our throats since we are kids. But my point is a little different. Give yourself room to practice. Don’t have the clock running every time you go for a run. The same way you should find the time to trade virtual money. This is important, because practice is a no-pressure, low stakes environment. While you won’t have a peak performance here, it allows you to adapt, try out new strategies, and apply different methods. As a consultant I always see CEO’s get caught up in their busyness. They never take ‘practice time’. But without those low-pressure, low stakes moments – sitting down with your team and a glass of Johnny Walker, just tossing around new ideas to innovate what’s already there – A company is likely to stagnate.

5. Shut off distractions

During my first run, I think I checked my phone a solid 10 times… if not more. Sometimes to check the time, other times to change the song, and every now and then to read that text message or view that snapchat. That is not how you produce results however. Yesterday I only checked it twice in order to see my time. In today’s day and age the level of distraction we are subjected to is unreal. Between text messages, two Twitters, a facebook, 4 different email accounts, snapchat, and more, my phone garners around 50-100 notifications every 10-30 minutes. In this information age, you need to be able to say no, and turn your focus on one single thing for at least 25 minutes undisturbed. Then take a five minute break, and afterwards get back at it for 25 minutes. (For more info on that look into the Pomodoro system).

6. Have an Accountability Partner

My first breakthrough was when my friend came for a run with me. He was the slower one, but magically my 1.5 mile record jumped from 13 minutes to 11 minutes in virtually no more than a day’s difference. If you work together with friends on a goal, your accountability increases 10 fold. You won’t cheat, you will take a lot less brakes, and overall perform better (because you are being watched). Having an accountability partner like that in business or trading, is what sometimes makes that small shift between doing alright, and creating massive profits.


I hope this was a worthy little insight for you. If you want me to be your accountability partner, head on over and send me an email with your goals! Let me help you do big things!
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