Bring your Startup to the Next Level in 3 Days

From July 31st to August 2nd, some of the best, brightest, and most motivated young people will be coming together in Austin, Texas, for the Next Gen Summit – a conference started for young entrepreneurs, by young entrepreneurs. What Next Gen got in store for you will blow your mind.

1. Investment Panel

It’s official. The Next Gen Summit, has its own investment panel that will run throughout the weekend. On the table are $20 million, and anyone attending can give it a shot. If you have been trapped in the seed stage and are out of luck when it comes to getting funded… this may be your chance. Register now for the Investment Panel at:

2. Networking Opportunities for Collaboration

So you got a good idea and just got funded by the NGS Investment Panel… what next? It’s a good time to strike up conversation and get feedback on your idea.  Our speakers, board members, and attendees are some of the best and brightest of the next generation. Many of them are mentored by big names like Peter Thiel, Richard Branson, and Mark Cuban, so it never hurts to make connections. Collaboration is the name of the game, and you can create win-win partnerships every networking break. Perhaps one of them can even set you up with a kick-ass development team and take your branding and marketing to the next level (wink-wink: message me for details.)

3. Breakout Sessions with Media leaders

Funded… check. Partnerships…check. Hookup with dev team… check. We also got some incredible media leaders like John Meyer, Ocean  Pleasant, and Tayo Rockson, hosting a breakout panel on how to capitalize on new media trends. They all own their own publications, and if you impress them, you might just get your first media shout out. After listening to them you will have a clear plan of how to get your start-up out into the world.

4. Get Early Adopters

This one I did not think was likely to happen, but I already see attendees use the Summit as a platform for organically promoting their service/app. You got wireframes, an invision, or even better, a running app that you can show to attendees and speakers during breaks? This is your opportunity to pitch to the most open minded crowd that is always ready for a new cool service or gadget. Perhaps we can even strike up a partnership. If you think everyone at the Summit would benefit from what you are doing, shoot me a message and we can make something happen.

5. Rapid Learning Curve

Not everything will get done while you are in Texas. Even if you do not get funded, or have no idea to pitch, you will experience a rapid learning curve, giving you skills, knowledge, friendships, and motivation that will stick with you way past the Summit.

If you can’t wait to attend after reading all this then we can definitely be friends. I won’t make you wait any longer, get your ticket here

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If you have any questions at all, I’m a message away!

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