July 2015

July has been one of the most productive months so far. Here is a breakdown of my plans/what I have been up to so far.

Big Projects: 

Next Gen Summit:

It’s been an incredible experience working with the Next Gen Team. The schedule is set, tons of tickets are sold, live-stream is prepared, an investor panel with $20 million is secured, and so much more. If you still don’t have a ticket, get it now, I swear you will regret not attending. Use my discount code and save $325: HARTMANNCAPITAL


Dark Age:

After vetting 30 new editors, I found an incredible Editor that understands the vision of Dark Age, and will help me transform the current manuscript into a Bestseller.


Hartmann Capital:

Main clients Kanyu and Trendly are one month from launch.



Best month in the 1000% ROI challenge. Account is up 175% so far. Get’s easier every week.

Launched Top Stock Picks of the Week

Launched Breakthrough Coaching for Traders

Launched Hartmann Trading Room (Contact for details)

Ranked Top 12 Traders on Profit.ly

Started series of Millennial Trader Interviews:

7/16: Rachel Fox



Business: Freakonomics

Self-development: The 4 Hour Work Week

Marketing: Influence


New on this website:


1. Time to Quit the Bullsh*t – Practical Answers to Common Excuses

2. Bring your Startup to the Next Level in 3 Days

3. Trading Resources

4. 1000% ROI Challenge: Trades 1-10

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