May 2015

May has been one exciting month so far. Here is a breakdown of my plans/what I have been up to so far. I will post these monthly, and update them every few days.


Big Projects: 

Next Gen Summit – VP of Marketing:

The Next Generation Summit reached out to me to recruit me as their Vice President of Marketing. I along with a core group of top young entrepreneurs am now hosting America’s Premier Young Entrepreneur Summit. Over the course of the next weeks you will read much about it from me. More info can be found on the Next Gen Summit website.


Dark Age:

While Dark Age will not be published by the end of May, it is indeed reaching its final mile. Along with an editor, I am giving the manuscript its final touches. Come June a professional designer will create the cover art and finalize ebook and print formatting. The estimated publishing date lies between 07/15-31.


Business Consulting:

Locked down 4 new exciting start-up clients, individual posts on them soon!



I started the 1000% ROI challenge. My first trade is WFM, which I will post about once the trade is closed.



Business: Freakonomics

Politics: Socially Elected

Self-development: Meditations, As a Man Thinketh


Published Posts:

1. The Most Valuable Trading Lesson

2. How do I start trading

3. As a Man Thinketh – Review

4. A Hustler’s Average Day

5. The 1000% ROI Challenge

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