Time to Quit the Bullsh*t – Practical Answers to Common Excuses

Knowledge, Money, and Time, are the typical three excuses people give to anything they can say ‘No’ to… from promising job opportunities to vacations of a lifetime. I’m not going to go all motivational speaker on you and just tell you “YOU HAVE IT ALL!” Instead I will give you the tools to get more of each and bring your life to the next level. If you agree, disagree, or have a question, just comment below. All interactions are welcome.

Lack of Knowledge

Welcome to the ‘World of Pretenders’:

Ever heard the phrase “Fake it till you make it”? Well a whole lot of people at the top are incredible fakers.  Many of them are so full of **** that it’s mind-blowing how they became successful. I am not telling you to go out and pretend you are someone you are not; quite on the contrary, one of my core values is authenticity. However, take some weight off your shoulder and realize that a lot of people calling themselves experts have just one year or one book more experience than you. Which leads me to point 2.

The World is not as competitive as you think:

Almost every business has MLM looking paygrades. “What? Only 10%  make this much money?”, well, in most industries with few exceptions that are known for being cut throat, 90% of your ‘competitors’ just aren’t trying. A golden example? Political elections. In 2015, 9000 brits were elected into their respective city councils unopposed. The same goes for the US. As a startup advisor and consultant I see more Startups searching and searching for willing employees than Startups drowning in applications. And most scholarships are often given away right and left because most people don’t bother applying.

Leverage Knowledge

You just can’t know it all yourself. All that matters is that you keep learning, and keep growing. But in the meantime, ask experts (those that have actually accomplished something, not the ones falling into category 1). If you don’t know anyone, start reading. According to a study, only 10% of people read non-fiction books past chapter 1. I think many people can relate. It just doesn’t cut it saying you do not know enough, yet can’t bring the 2 hours together to finish a book. Lastly it will be a game changer once you get over your fear of cold calling/emailing influencers and business owners. See an interesting business, send them an email and schedule a call to learn more. My phone is packed with the numbers of startup CEOs all because I show interest every time a marketing piece catches my attention. You will learn a bit from every person you interact with, so being personable will be a powerful tool.


Lack of Money

Help is cheaper than you think

Can’t afford an assistant, graphic designer, or personal researcher? Please visit upwork or fiverr, and talk to me again. No matter how broke you are, we live in a time where you can get a cool company logo for a cost less than a Chipotle Burrito. Additionally you can get free interns right and left. All it takes is for you to truly show your passion and connect it to something your potential intern cares about.

Even the ‘Big Competition’ usually bootstraps

This goes back to the “World of Pretenders”. I have spoken to countless startups where I was sure they had legitimate offices, massive budgets, and Fortune 500 mentors. 99% of them don’t. A lot of them operate at the lowest possible expenses, from home, doing most of the work themselves. They get down and dirty, and don’t just act all executive while spending their days at the beach. So if they do it, and perform just fine, stop asking for millions of dollars at pitch events when you don’t even have a prototype.

Stop wasting money on crap

If you got the money, do with it what you want. But if you belong to the group that always cries injustice, this is for you. Crap is defined but not limited to: Eating out every day, Drinks (Soda, Starbucks coffee, Alcohol etc.), Internet products from people with 0-track-record, fancy possessions that are supposed to hide your actual economic status. I wrote a whole article on saving and raising money, so check it out.


Lack of Time

Get a Vision

I have heard a dozen mentors, coaches, and motivational speakers preach over the years the importance of having a purpose/vision. And I was like “Yeah that’s right!”, but it took me till 2015 to get my butt to sit down and actually take the time to ponder it through and write it out. Stop taking information in intellectually, but start applying it. Reading a good non-fiction book? Put it down after every chapter and implement the strategies/lessons.  Why is this under ‘lack of time’? Having a strong vision will serve as the fuel that allows you to go in overdrive for days and literally redefine your sense of time.

Plan but don’t Overplan

It’s 2015, so I hope everyone got the note that there is a certain value in making plans. My bigger concern is that we have started to plan ideas to death. My general rule of thumb is to make a plan, and then make it fit on one page (that doesn’t mean you make the font size 5). When you can make a plan fit on one page, it’s easily reviewable, it’s concise, it’s well thought out, and it’s a simple roadmap that allows adaptions to all situations. The second rule is that you stick to your plan for a minimum of 1 month. People have this new habit of changing the plan every day. Taking an hour to get ready for action, just to ‘get ready for action’ again tomorrow, is not planning. A plan is there to allow you to work at super-speed, always knowing what’s next. (To my left I have one-pagers plastered against pin boards ranging from trading plans to work out plans).

Cut out the information overload

Tim Ferris has a whole concept about this called the “low information diet”. If you really want something done, turn your notifications off, or switch to do not disturb. Ask yourself the question “Are you Inventing Things to do to avoid the Important” a few times a day.  Use timers to keep you on task. Quit obsessing over the news, because what’s on there will likely not matter in six months.Selectively read the newspaper, because what’s in most papers is likely to be irrelevant in a week. Give yourself social media hours so that your life isn’t consumed by it. Create a time and space where it’s just you, like back in the good old 90’s, instead of you, your phone, and a dozen people talking to you every second.


There are so many more things that I wish people would quit doing, but alas, this shall be Part 1. If there is a particular section that interests you, please let me know and I will write another article with more detailed solutions.

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